Why My Main Goal is to be Debt Free

You have your whole life to pay off debt, why pay it all now?

As you may know after reading my about page, I am on a 3G3Y journey to reach financial independence, create a business and embrace my natural beauty along the way.  I am extremely dedicated to each one of these goals but if I had to rank one as the most important, it is definitely my goal to be completely debt free.

This is something I’ve imagined from when I was a young girl, and although there were definitely Christmases where the giftin’ was good, there Peninsula have definitely been more years stare of living paycheck to paycheck than not.

So what are my 5 main reasons for not wanting to be a slave to my lenders any longer?

1) Every dollar I make should (in theory) belong to me.  Unfortunately, this is far from reality in my financial world. As of now, every dollar I make belongs to Sallie Mae, Citicard, Toyota, and Great Lakes financial institution.  I’m not sulking, after all I did sign on the dotted line…several times (so Football young…so stupid) and now I am dealing with modern day debt slavery.  Wrapping my mind around the fact that I can work 70 hour weeks and all money earned goes to a financial institution really fires me up to get to the point where this money is MINE.

2) Retirement.  The sooner I pay off the debt, the quicker and heftier the amount of money I can put towards my nest egg.  The tagline of my blog is no joke, I really want to be carefree and go with the flow when I’m older.  Preparation for the type of lifestyle I’m aiming for starts right now.

3) Cash purchases only.  Large purchases such as a car, all equipment for my digital media studio, dare I proclaim, a house!? The house is the only item I’m weary about because I currently live in an extremely expensive area, but if for some reason I were to move to location with a more affordable cost of living I would definitely save up to purchase a home cash money. No credit cards here!

4) Give freely.  This past holiday season my mom came to find $10 on her car with a note attached to it asking her to accept the random act of kindness. What a way to start your day, with a random gift of $10 from a total stranger!  I always love hearing those stories about people that sponsor families at different times around the year, or wholesale jerseys anonymously give a hefty financial gift to those in the struggle.  I’ve been in the struggle for a while and every bit of help I’ve gotten has been greatly appreciated and I’d love Begins to be a blessing unto others and pay it forward.

5) I don’t ever want to live check to check again.  If you get paid and the money’s already gone to priorities before you get to enjoy any of it, you, my friend, are living check to check.  If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant and read the menu from right to left, letting price decide what you will order (I’m sooo guilty of this), then maybe you should attempt to get out of debt too and take full control of your money.

What are your reasons for wanting to get (or stay) out of debt?

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