Why I Turned the Job Down

On my quest to become debt free (and essentially live like a boss) I’ve been working part time jobs in addition to my full time job.  This is nothing new to me, I formed a habit of working multiples jobs while in college and now I feel like I’m being lazy if I’m not working at least 60 hour weeks. Having multiple streams of income increases stability, eases anxiety, not to mention it’s not too bad getting paid almost every week.

Over the holidays I worked as a seasonal employee at a retail job.  All earnings from this part-time job were put in a savings account dedicated to buying a new computer.  I have been without a reliable computer for over a year and I wanted a specific model for video editing.  This job was seasonal; it ended when the holidays did but fortunately I was able to work enough hours to afford my computer.


After that short stint, I became interested in working at a local gym; it’s across the street from my house, I have experience working at a gym, and I get a free membership!  How could I pass that opportunity up?!

Well a few reasons made it easy to avoid working there.

Although this would have been a part time job, the hours they wanted me to work would have interfered with my full time job. The busiest time at most gyms is right when people are getting off work; from 5pm to 8pm.  It takes me about 45 minutes to get home from my full time job because of horrible traffic, so I would have to leave work right at 5pm to get there by 6pm at best.

What’s the problem you ask? I’m very rarely done with my work by 5pm.  On average, I’ll leave the office around 6:30 or later (I was there until 9:30pm preparing for a presentation just last week.)  For me to trade in quality at my day job for a part time job (that did indeed pay minimum wage) I would need a greater ROI.  Actually, I don’t even think more money would have made me take the risk of letting my performance at my day job suffer.  

Although I am looking for a way to bring in some additional money to pay toward my school loans, I have to be smart about the decisions I make so they don’t affect my full time job. (I really enjoy my full time job and see a great future in it.)

So I’m going to continue to keep my eyes open on some part time jobs, my side hustle game seems to be slacking this year!  

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