What does Natural Hair Symbolize for Me? 2

There are countless reasons why women of color choose to rock their natural hair, and countless reasons why others decide on chemically altering their hair.  I personally don’t think either decision is right or wrong.  In my case, I’ve had both relaxed hair and natural hair. Experiencing both sides of the hair coin has led me to believe natural is the best choice for ME and here’s why.

I never actually made the decision to get relaxers; my mother started relaxing my hair at such a young age that I grew up thinking that was the only way my hair should have been. (Sorry to throw you under the bus mom…LOVE YOU!)   Granted my mother was only doing what she deemed best for me and my hair, straightening it made it more manageable for her to deal with.  But when my natural roots would grow out textured, people would comment on how much I needed a “touch-up.”  This gave natural hair a negative connotation to me because every time it grew in textured the first course of action was to have it chemically straightened.

I absolutely hated getting relaxers; I hated the smell, I hated the burning sensation, and I hated the scars it left on my scalp.  I also hated how limp and thin my hair seemed after the process.  Because of this, I decided to stretch out the time in between getting relaxers and I would wait months before having a touch up. After a while I began examining my new hair growth and decided I liked the texture of my hair without the chemicals.

So what did I do? I shaved my head! After I decided I wanted curly hair, I went to the nearest salon in February 2009 and begged them to cut it all off.

February 2009

My Big Chop: February 2009

 In case you’re wondering whether my natural hair journey is a phase, I can assure you I will never chemically alter my hair again.  This decision is solely based on the fact that I absolutely love textured hair.  I couldn’t imagine wetting my hair and it remaining limp and straight.  The thought of not having big, luxurious curls on my head literally scares me half to death! My hair is like an accessory and I genuinely think I look better overall with full, textured ostatni hair.

Now this is not to say I will never straighten my hair again.  What I love most about natural hair is when it’s straightened it looks 10 times better than my relaxed hair when it was straightened because it’s much more healthy overall.  So being natural is a win-win for me, I can wear virtually any style and maintain a healthy head. It’s a no brainer for me, I’ll be natural forever.

Do you prefer to rock natural hair or relaxed hair? What are your reasons for that decision?

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  • I prefer NATURAL because it suits my lifestyle. I have a similar story where moms started getting me perms early because she was tired of trying to manage my extremely thick natural hair lol. Luckily my hair was just as long and just as thick when i had perms so i just kept at UNTIL my mom stopped doing my hair. Between my over-use of tight ponytails gel swoops and countless rubber bands clips and doughnuts my permed hair slowly but surely broke off. And im not talking about an inch. My ponytails went from hanging down past my shoulders to barely touching my ear. lmao (oh the memories) anywho being one who never kept up with when i was supposed to get a perm and what not i figured why not go natural, I made the choice in highschool but i was not brave enough to take the big chop. I just kepy my hair in braids and uo-dos until all of my permed hair broke off or was trimmed off.Take it from the “always throw my hair in a ponytail athlete” natural was the way to go

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