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A few weeks ago, my sister in law mentioned I was getting close to paying off the rest of my debt (<$10K to go!) and asked me what I was planning on doing with all the extra money I’ll have in my budget once I’m completely debt free.

It got me thinking….

The honest answer is simple; habitually, nothing changes.  Because I still plan on going to business school, the goal is to continue to take the same amount I was paying toward loans and to put that into a savings account of some sort.  So the biggest difference is where the money ends up, but my budget will stay the same and I won’t start living this extravagant lifestyle once I’m out of debt.

Of course I’ll finish my emergency fund fully; the goal is to have a solid $10,000 in my emergency fund.  After that, all extra money will be for living expenses the two years I’m out of the workforce and back in school.

Get My Money Right

But….what if I didn’t have to worry about the emergency fund or saving for business school?

If I decided I was going to live a little lavishly, I do have an idea of the things I would spend my money on.

  1. Completely new wardrobe that consisted of more than just jeans and t-shirts
    1. If I was really ballin’, I’d also get a personal shopper
  2. Personal trainer and nutritionist
  3. Hair salon every two weeks
  4. Extreme investments for early retirement
  5. Hire a website designer and manager for Generation Wealthy
  6. Hire professional video editors and rent studio space (not that I don’t love my kitchen)
  7. Weekly hour long table massages
  8. Monthly manicures, pedicures and facials
  9. Build a travel fund, and go somewhere new every quarter

These are just a few of the fun things I would put my money toward immediately, but of course I’m sure if I didn’t have to be so prudent with my savings I’d think of many more things to do with my money.

What would you spend your money on if you were in the position to ball out?

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