The Wig Question 2

Earlier this week, a senior colleague of mine was kind enough to compliment my (straight) hair, then proceeded to ask me it was a wig.

When I said no she went on to talk about how a lot of black women wear fake hair and asked me why I didn’t.

Hmmmmmm… Why don’t I wear fake hair?  

I really couldn’t come up with a good excuse as to why I wear my hair the same way she did.  I didn’t realize there was an expectation for me to follow suit and get a wig because apparently that’s what the majority of us black women do.

She said my hair is always different (which my boss at my last job used to comment about all the time as well)  I didn’t realize wearing my hair curly vs straight morphed me into a new person, but apparently it does to the untrained eye.

You may sense a hint of sarcasm in my writing, but honestly I’m not too annoyed by the comments.  There was a time when comments like these would have really bothered me, but now I find them to be kind of interesting.  I think some people treat their hair like a chore, whereas  my hair is an accessory; I love to play in it and change up the styles.  And honestly, I’ve thought really seriously about getting a really pretty, long weave, but I just can’t afford it right now.  I have NOTHING against weaves/wigs or women who wear them, so I didn’t take her comments too negatively.  (Although I could be spared of the generalizations; “all black women do this…”)

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  • I get that a lot as well. As you mentioned I no longer get offended by ignorance.

    Weaves/Wigs are not race specific. Everyone is wearing them these days so please do your research people it’s 2014.

    Hair is an excessary and I honesly feel bad for those who feel they are stuck with what they have. :(

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