The Importance of Deep Thought 2

Fellow goal achievers, I want to take a quick moment to express the importance of stimulating your mind.  As many of you have been following my 3G3Y blog, you may have noticed I’ve become somewhat infatuated with a recently published book called The Men I Let Define Love.  This book is really doing a lot for me.  Not only is it stimulating my mind, but just the fact that this book is in existence gives me motivation I really desperately need.

Kudos to the author; this book is making my life right now!

Seriously, it’s hard for me to get through a page or two without stopping and comparing the main characters experiences to my own.  I will admit, my love life (or lack there of) has not been half as exciting as the protagonist’s but a lot of the wisdom that’s sprinkled onto each page about dating really hits home.  To put it into perspective, I’ve been up 3 hours past my bedtime (yes I give myself a bedtime, don’t judge me) reading this book and contemplating on my past experiences.

No, my 3G3Y journey and blog is NOT about relationships…at all.  But I do think it’s completely healthy to take some time to reflect on the past to better guide your way through the future.  And I really have to point out one line that really hit home for me and made me think, not just about relationships, but about how you as a person let certain matters affect you.

The main character contemplates “I was wasting time thinking about a boy that wasn’t thinking about me.”  This line right here is really powerful!  I was just having a conversation about this with my father.  Very recently in life, I’ve come to realize I have a very thin skin and I take almost everything personally.  Not the best trait; but it’s who I am.  I find that I will spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about certain situations where I feel I’ve been wronged, but at the end of the day the only person I’m hurting is myself.  In essence, I’m wasting time thinking about a memory and I’m getting nothing in return; just as the protagonist in the book.

If the Devil is the embodiment of negativity, I am consistently inviting him into my life.  And I NEED TO STOP.

Do you ever feel like you spend so much time thinking about your failures, that you’ve let those memories take away from your progress? I do.

Moment of truth on my 3G3Y journey…I’m failing.  Why am I failing?  I haven’t spent any time video editing in about 3 weeks.  I wore my hair loose for 2 weeks rather than in a protective style.  I have had moments of weakness where I didn’t bring lunch and I was forced to eat in the cafeteria at work; ultimately spending money that needed to go toward student loans.  And I have yet to find a consistent second stream of income I really desperately need.

But even with all of these failures under my belt, I have to say I’m happy I’m even sitting here at 2am writing this post after being inspired by The Men I Let Define Love.  I’m inspired because someone just like me declared their passion, followed it, and ultimately achieved it.  And look how her success ripples into other peoples lives.  Not only have I regained some lost motivation to keep pushing forward, I’ve gotten a chance to look at negative situations in a new light.  It’s always a great feeling to find you connect with someone, even if they’re a fictional character.  And I have to point out, I don’t see any similarities with myself and any characters in the book thus far; but that’s what makes it even more powerful.  I can read about this girl, who’s having these experiences I’ve never had, she handles them totally different than I would…but rather than brushing off her unique perception, I’m touched by it.

This book was definitely the pick me up I desperately needed!  Sometimes I get so into achieving success and results, that I get absolutely fed up with the current hardships.  It’s hard to focus on future glamour when your in a current struggle.  If you find you’re in a similar situation, I highly suggest you take a break from reality and read a good book.  It just may give you a different perspective and boost your motivation to keep on moving forward, no matter what.

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  • Love the article Hun!!! Favorite point: If the Devil is the embodiment of negativity, I am consistently inviting him into my life. And I NEED TO STOP. >>> You are the Master of YOUR Thoughts!!!

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