The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Success as a Personal Financial Planner Book Review

In my quest to learn everything I possibly can about personal finance, I dabbled with the notion that maybe I’d like to become a personal finance planner/consultant.  Basically, I would love to help people get themselves out of financial messes (similar to the one I’m in) and guide them to a wealthy future where they can really take control of their money.

I readThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Success as a Personal Financial Planner to get some background on what a financial planner actually does.  I am very glad I read the book, because it  let me quickly realize that it may not be the job for me.

I did enjoyed reading the book; it is very thorough and gave me a really great snapshot of the life of a financial planner.  I had no idea planning can involve sales and other aspects of that nature (and I hate, hate, hate everything that has to do with sales) so the book is a great resource to get down to the details of what a financial planner does day to day. 

The author also gives a great outline on the steps to take to become a financial planner, what exams and certifications you need to take and what certifications you may think you need but really don’t.  He gives great recommendations on the types of certifications one should get in different situations.

I love any book that summarizes the chapters in the beginning and end and this book does just that.  It makes it easier to skim through the book and get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into before you actually make the time commitment to read through the whole book.

For anyone interested in personal finance planning but you’re not sure exactly what that entails like I was this book is definitely for you.  It’s very thorough, detailed and easy to read, especially if you have no financial knowledge.

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