Steps to Reach My Hair Growth Goal 1

Goal: Grow my natural hair to my waist by December 31, 2015. (My original goal was to grow my hair to my tailbone in 3 years, but after a lot of assessment and a year of growing my hair I altered this goal to grow my hair to my waist, which generally seems more reasonable.)

Reasoning: I shaved my head in February 2009 to get rid of my chemically relaxed hair and decided to grow my hair out natural from there on out.


After moving to Atlanta in 2012 I had trouble finding a stable job, so I modeled to keep up with my expenses, and a few of the stylists I modeled for dyed my hair to fit their vision.  After that point my hair was really damaged and noticeably dryer.

hair color

Once the damage was done I decided to commit to taking better care or my hair and growing it out to my waist.

Steps to Reach my Goal:

  • Daily
    • Spritz ends with oil
    • Vitamins
  • Weekly
    • Wash and condition my hair at least once a week (all natural products only)
    • LOC method
      • After washing apply a liquid leave in, and oil, and then a cream based product
    • Keep my hair in protective styles 5 out of 7 days/week
  • Monthly
    • Deep Condition Hair with heat
  • Quarterly
    • Trim hair
    • Recorded length check

Progress Points:

  • December 31, 2013 – Bra Strap Length (8-mark on my shirt) – ?
  • December 31, 2014 – Mid-Back Length (11-mark on my shirt)
  • December 31, 2015 – Tailbone Length (15-mark on my shirt)

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