Squat Challenge 2.0 Fail

So I’m going to be real with y’all, because I can’t stand a liar.

I have NOT been doing the squat challenge consistently this month. *gasp*

I’ve been working really long days and honestly, as soon as I get home I pass out immediately. Not only that but I’m generally not in a good mood. (I guess after sitting in front of the same computer screen for 10+ hours a day is not bringing much joy into my life.)

Honestly, I’m so mentally drained after getting home from work that most nights I don’t even cook dinner, I literally go right to bed when I get home. Even if I get home by 8:30pm, I’ll be sleep by 8:45pm. (I know what you’re thinking: excuses, excuses, excuses.  But hey it’s life!)

I guess I need some motivation to force myself to get up early and do the squat challenge, because I definitely don’t have the energy when I get off of work.

I’ll keep you posted, but the plan is to start a May Squat Challenge and start fresh the first of the month. Hopefully having this week off will give me some time to rest up and feel a little more motivated to do them then.

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