Phase 2: Production has begun

It’s funny how drastically my focus on each goal ebbs and flows.  I specifically remember putting tons of focus in my financial goal to pay off all of my debt ($70,111 to be exact) for the first year or so.  I was working so many jobs I couldn’t even keep up, but every spare penny went to my debt.  I played no games when it came to paying my debtors and setting my budget.

Even before that I was obsessed with my hair.  Mainly because I spent my entire life with relaxers and other harsh chemicals, so this going natural thing was fresh and different.  I’d spent so much time in such close quarters with my hair, yet I had never seen it quite like this.  It never had such a curl, such a shine, such a bounce.  I couldn’t wait to play with it and try out some new style or product.

I’ve now got all eyes on my entrepreneurial endeavor, and it’s way overdue.  I’ve determined exactly what keeps me up at night and figured out what my personal mission is, and I’m happy the goal is coming into fruition, finally!

My entrepreneurial  goal  is to create a financial literacy video archive geared toward teaching teens and young adults how to manager their money and to start the money conversation.  I split this goal up into a few different phases.

Phase 1: Research and script content

Phase 2: Film and edit videos

Phase 3: Build out curriculums and design website

It took me a total of 6 months and 2 days to complete phase 1.  I read over 50 books, conducted hundreds of hours of online research (journals and other resources) and spent around 4-5 hours a day (in addition to my full time job) categorizing and scripting this information into sensible videos (I hope!)

Each video is based off of the National Standards in personal finance, so I had a great guide to keep me on track for phase 1.  Phase 2 involves a little bit more of Samantha’s creativity.  It’s a great outlet for me, but it’s making me realize I’m not as good with the creative outlet like I used to be.  I need to brush up on my editing skills, especially since I’m using a different system than what I learned to edit on.  I’m also finding I need to learn more software than I imagined I would.  Some videos will be a screen recording, so I need to get an application for that (and master it!) I’m also finding it doesn’t make sense to add text using the editing systems tools, so I’m thinking it may be best to import from Google Slides or Powerpoint.

These are all small matters I didn’t consider until now, but I’m trying to get ahead of everything and of course I’ll experiment and learn as I go.  I’m looking to start uploading videos to the Generation Wealthy YouTube channel this week, so be sure to check them out and leave any constructive criticism or feedback you deem helpful.

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