Steps for Business

The next immediate step for my entrepreneurial goal is one that doesn’t seem very obvious.  It involves something I love doing: writing click for source. I’m planning on writing a book around basic financial literacy.  I’m probably more excited for this than anything else I’m working on to achieve any of my three goals.

Writing the book will serve two purposes: I need to do research for my mobile platform, so I would end up categorizing everything anyways and I enjoy writing, a book just made sense.  I do plan on using the book as an outline for my mobile platform.  But the two resources will not be the same.  The book will be a narrative nonfiction book where I’ll get a chance to be a lot more creative with storytelling.  The online database of financial literacy videos will be extremely fact-based.

Goal: Build an online platform that will serve as a personal finance resource for young adults.

Steps to Reach Goal:

  • Preparation – Due August 31, 2014
    • Get equipment! Laptop, editing software, camera, etc. ✔
    • Volunteer (for more exposure) ✔
    • Take GMAT for business school in May 2014 (anxiety hit, rescheduled test to August 2014) ✔
    • Read, read, read (1 book/month) ✔
  • Action – Due December 31, 2014
    • Outline and research for book  ✔
    • Business Plan for App
      • Mission Statement
      • Long Term Vision
      • Working Team
    • Plan out video archives/lessons
  • Creation – Due July 31, 2015
    • Do seminars for teens
    • App Designed
    • Publish Book
    • Start Recording Video Archives for App
  • Launch – Due December 31, 2015
    • App launch

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