Next Length Check Without a Trim

Since the last length check video I did, I’ve been seriously considering not getting my hair trimmed every time I get it straightened.  I feel as though the past year my hair really has been growing, but every time I go to get a trim, I come out with a full blown haircut. My only quarrel with this idea is I truly do believe if your ends are looking kind of scraggily, you need to cut them off.  The only thing a knot or a split end is going to do is damage more hair.  A knot has potential to catch more hair in it and a split end has no where to go but further up the strand of hair.

So what to do when you think trims are necessary but can’t find anyone to give you an actual hair trim versus a hair cut?

I’m considering taking the route of cutting off damaged hair as I see it, some call it the search and destroy method zyban dosage.  A part of me really doesn’t like this idea at all.  Not that I don’t trust myself, I honestly believe no one on earth will take care of my hair like I am going to take care of it.  I love my hair and I treat it as such, but I also can’t sit here and act like I have any training in cosmetology.  I’m definitely a person that leaves most things to the expert.  But I’m starting to truly see that most hair stylists learn how to take care of chemically processed hair and very few truly know how to treat natural hair.

I’m dealing with apprehension on both ends; I don’t want to do my hair a disservice by going to a salon and getting it chopped off every few months, but I also don’t want to let it self destruct.  I planning on straightening my hair myself for my next length check, so we’ll see how my ends are looking then and I’ll make a decision then.

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