Monday Motivation: Don’t Stop!

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. -Confucius

Happy Monday Morning!  As always, I’m up extremely early working on my personal ventures before work.  This quote felt like a great one to start my morning, not only because I tend to move a little slowly this early (5am) but also because some of my goals have been moving on the pace I’d like them to, and others have been moving along slowly but surely.

Take my hair goal for example.  My original goal was to grow my hair to my tailbone in 3 years (starting a shoulder length.)  Two years into the 3G3Y journey I realized that it wasn’t feasible to expect that my hair would grow that fast AND retain all of the length (not get any split ends and break off).  Quite frankly, I have little control of my hair growth, so it made sense for me to iterate on the goal and go from there.  My hair has grown extremely slow (in my opinion), but I still hold hope that I can reach it by the end of the year if I stick to a maintenance routine.

Another goal I’ve moved extremely slowly with is my entrepreneurial goal.  To be honest, I never even confirmed what my venture would be until my third year into this 3G3Y journey approached.  I went from moving extremely slowly with the idea of owning a small business, to making it top priority.

I also think the “idea” of having years to accomplish these goals led me to believe I had plenty of time to spare.  There’s nothing like a short time frame to really light a fire under you!  Of course, with this added pressure and sense of urgency, comes added stress most could probably do without.

Alas, the point here is, although I have moved fast on some of my goals, and slower on others, I haven’t stopped on any of them.  I’m in different stages with each goal; my personal finance goal is right on target, my entrepreneur goal is coming along finally, and my hair goal seems pretty unlikely to be met, but I still take a step forward everyday, rather than staying stagnant.

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