MBA Only Worth The Money?

I’ve had several conversations with a couple of my co-workers regarding business school.  Knowing that I’m planning on going eventually, each of them say they’ve pondered getting their MBA in the past, but figured it wasn’t worth the money since they’re already in the MBA graduate’s starting salary range.  This is an interesting reason to not continue your education, to which my response has been “Is an MBA only about the starting salary after graduating?”

Clearly to most people, this is the case.  And it’s probably a good thing they didn’t get their MBA’s.  If you can stay in the same position and put in the time to get to a salary level you’re happy with without having to spend two years in school, then that sounds like a fair plan!

Personally, the MBA isn’t really about the money for me; I’m more so excited about the breadth of knowledge I’ll learn and brilliant people I’ll meet throughout the experience zyban weight loss.  I’m to the point now where I actually can’t imagine my future career without my MBA.

Don’t get me wrong. I think experience is a great teacher in and of itself.  But right now I don’t have any exposure into areas such as marketing, global sustainability, corporate development, etc.  In the long run, even if I decide I want to work in HR or finance, having the knowledge of marketing, sustainability, procurement and all other aspects of business can only help me in making holistic business decisions.

Their points of view did change my thought process a little though.  I, being as money savvy as possible, originally planned on waiting 4 more years to go to business school.  This would enable me to pay off all my debt, and save a chunk of money for living expenses and other surprise costs (my plan is to bust my butt so I can get a fellowship.)

But even though I’m saying this now, will I still think the same way in four years?  If I’m consistently performing at a high level at work, who knows what level I’ll be at in 4 years.  I could be making a great deal of money!  Clearly, this would be awesome, but would it deter me from taking two years to go to school, only to come back and make around the same amount of money?  Probably so.

So, I’m thinking it’s a good idea for me to go for my MBA sooner than later.  Rather than 4 years, I’m thinking 3 years.  It’s not that big of a difference, and I’ll still be able to get out of debt in that time frame.  The only difference is I’ll have a smaller amount of savings put aside for the two years I’ll spend with no income; but I’ve been living frugally for so long I don’t think it’ll matter.

What do you think?  Is the MBA only about the money?  Does the value decrease the older you get/or the more you progress in your career?

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