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It was on February 28, 2013 when I decided I was going to make a change in my life no matter how much effort, time, or sacrifice it took.  In hopes of attaining accountability and providing inspiration, I started this blog with the goal of achieving 3 specific goals in 3 years.

  1. Financial Goal – Pay off all my debt, totaling $70,111
  2. Entrepreneurial Goal – Become an entrepreneur to not only live out my passions, but also to leave a legacy
  3. Hair Goal – Grow my natural hair down to my waist

Each of these goals had a deadline of December 31, 2015.  That was yesterday.

The past three years have been, by far, the most transformative years of my life.  I stuck with what I set out to do.  At times I was completely gung-ho and ready to do anything to achieve my goals and other times I couldn’t have cared less about my future.  I just wanted to live in the now and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  This is a common lifestyle in America.  I’m glad those thoughts didn’t take fruition.

Okay, okay Samantha; what was the outcome!?!?

  1. Financial Goal – Pay off all my debt, totaling $70,111  – Goal Achieved
  2. Entrepreneurial Goal – Become an entrepreneur to not only live out my passions, but also to leave a legacy – Goal Achieved
  3. Hair Goal – Grow my natural hair down to my waist – Goal Missed


Financial Goal

This was the one goal I just had to achieve.  It was the whole reason I decided to set out on this journey in the first place.  Life hit me, and it hit me hard!  I dealt with a plethora of hardships, seemingly all at once.  When I looked at the root of my unhappiness, it always seemed to lead to my lack of financial literacy.  I was working hard, too hard (this hasn’t changed), but back then I had nothing to show for it.  My breaking point was when I ended up homeless my junior year in college.  Homeless maintaining a 4.0 GPA, clearly I had a lot more to learn.

Now here I am, having conquered this goal and learning so much by doing it!  Some of my keys to success involved cutting costs and working A LOT!  I was working 3 jobs at once and did a no shopping challenge for 1 year (bought no new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.), stuck to a budget, kept an emergency fund, and the list goes on.  The most important thing I did was educate myself on personal finance!  I started learning all the financial concepts I lacked and I still am!  I read at least one book a week, keep up with personal finance magazines, and listed to podcasts daily.  Continually educating myself has been the best investment I’ve made in the past 3 years throughout years.

Entrepreneurial Goal

When I started this 3G3Y journey this entrepreneurial goal was by far the most ambiguous.  I knew I wanted to create an occupation for myself where, no matter what job I was working to make money, I was always simultaneously doing something I’m passionate about.

Initially I planned on starting a boutique production company, which seemed logical since  I got a film degree.  It took me a while to realize I I wasn’t passionate about creating videos in general, I was passionate about helping others avoid the financial blunders I had dealt with, and I really loved creating video content.  Believe it or not, I was 2 years in to my 3 year journey when I realized I wanted to create a financial literacy video platform geared to teens and young adults.

It was then that Generation Wealthy was born.

Regardless, my goal was to be an entrepreneur, and as of two weeks ago that goal was achieved.  I spent a lot of time thinking through the concept of Generation Wealthy and what the platform would look like, solve, and contribute to our community and future.  Now I’m working with a dedicated, amazing team of 10 working toward bringing the best personal finance video platform to the aide of teens and young adults all over the country.  If you want to continue watching as I set and reach goals, be sure to sign up at is where my journey will continue.

Hair Goal

When I first decided to go after this goal, I knew it was the goal I had the least control over.  Realistically, I could have an amazing diet. exercise, take a bunch of “miracle vitamins” and still not grow as much hair as I want.  Alternatively, I could have done all these things, had an amazing amount of growth, and had so many split ends the hari growth wouldn’t have mattered.  We all know split ends need to be CUT OFF.

Believe it or not, my original hair growth goal was to grow my hair from my shoulders to my tailbone in three years.  At the time, this seemed doable, but 2 years in I took a serious look at my hair growth to date and realized this might not be as attainable as I thought.  In an attempt to be more realistic, I changed this goal to be waist length, which was at the 13 line on my homemade length check picture below.

last length check 12115

I was only one line (about an inch) away from my revised hair goal so I can’t complain.  But I have to admit, after 3 yeas of babying my hair and doing nothing to it, I wanted a change.

So, against many of my family and friends wishes, I cut and dyed my hair after doing my final length check.  Resulting in the style below.


And that’s just about it.  But fear not; I’ve got a lot going on and I plan on continuing to put out impactful content via Generation Wealthy.  It’s definitely not a personal blog, GenW is bigger than me.  It’s a platform for teens and young adults who want to learn all the basics and complexities that come with managing money.  It’s the place they go to gain the financial foundation to live the lifestyle they choose.  If you’re interested in something like this, I suggest you check it out and sign up here!

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  • Great job! Super cute style! It fits you 😀 I have been thinking of going to TWA again…I am currently at about bra strap length give or take….

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