I Already Slipped Up 5

We’re barely into 2013 and I’m already feeling like I’m not where I wanted to be on my 3G3Y goals.  First off, I’m supposed to be using the envelope system for purchases (will explain this in detail in later entry) and I’m usually pretty good not to overspend.  Well….I was having a mean craving for sushi, I mean I literally drove around for 2 full hours looking for a sushi restaurant that was open (it was Sunday around 4, most restaurants are open for lunch 12-3, close, then open back up for dinner 5-10pm.)

I finally found a place (less than half a mile from my house of course) and I only had $15 in cash but my bill came to be $23 with tax and tip, so I ended up having to use my debit card.  I hate to have to do this because the money on my debit card is all spoken for, so by me spending $23 from directly from my account, I’m essentially using gas money or rent money to pay for sushi.  I know what you’re thinking…hope the sushi was worth it!

I’m also not following my hair regimen to the T.  I am supposed to do my hair every Sunday and keep it twisted for the week.  Whelp, I wasn’t up to it so I showed up to work on Monday looking like a sick chia-pet.  Now I have to do it when I get home from work and I’ll be up into the late hours of the night twisting it.  Serves me right for being lazy when I had the whole day to do it yesterday.

Hopefully I’ll get back on track with things the rest of the week and I’ll have the motivation and positive energy pushing me to succeed with these goals.

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