How My Move and New Job Will Affect My Goals 1

I’m thinking this move to California and the start of my new job is really going to help me achieve all my goals.  A quick recap of my goals are below:

Financial: Pay off all my debt ($70,000 total) by December 31, 2015

Entrepreneurial: Start a financial literacy program geared toward high school students

Hair: Grow my hair down to my tailbone by December 31, 2015

I would have been on track with these goals had I stayed working where I was in DC, but things would have been much more difficult for me.  Concerning the financial goal, I was making less at my job in DC, (actually I was making less at both of my jobs combined in DC) and although the cost of living is higher in California, I am actually paying around the same in my monthly expenses.  So I should be able to get ahead with my financial goal; I’m targeting a total payoff date of August 1, 2015, but that may be a stretch.

Regarding the entrepreneurial goal, I didn’t get a lot of time to focus on it in DC because I was working long days every day of the week.  Now that I only have one job, I’m able to spend more time focused on this goal and really make things happen.  I’m still studying for the GMAT (more on that in another post) but once I take that test, I’ll be back in full swing focusing on the financial literacy program.

My hair goal is the goal I feel I have the least control over.  This is because I really could get to a specific length and it could just stop growing.  I mean, that’s not likely, but it could happen, and there would be nothing I could do about it.  I feel like even though I moisturize it often, I still get split ends and single strand knots, but in DC I got into the habit of not doing my hair because I was so busy.  Now that I’ve made the move to Cali and I can spend some time focusing on my hair, I’m going to make an actual weekly regimen and stick to it!

To sum it up, the move to Cali should do wonders for me because I can now afford to work one job and still survive.  The time I’ll have to truly focus on my goals is going to be a great addition to my daily schedule.  Not to mention I’m working at my dream company so I’m in higher spirits in general here in Cali.

Have any of you made a move that completely changed your life for the better?

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