Has My Hair Made Me Cocky?

An interesting thing happened when I was in Vegas for a friends birthday a few months ago.   I was talking with someone I’ve known for a few years now. We instantly clicked when we first met because we both had done the big chop and embraced our natural hair.  That’s always a really easy conversation to start with someone, and I like to think we built a large part of our friendship off of that commonality. Recently, she decided to relax her hair and dye it blonde.  And let me tell you, her hair looked fly!  I can’t see myself dying my hair or relaxing it ever again, but she wore it well.

As we were sitting and talking, a girl walks by and looks in our direction and says “Wow, I love your hair!”  I immediately thanked her, and my friend my friend.  She made it painfully clear, she was not complimenting my hair.

The funny thing is, we were both equally surprised. After my  the girl walked away, my friend and I laughed about the situation.  I didn’t take the situation personally, it was more of a learning experience.

I wear my hair like it’s a badge of honor.  I wouldn’t consider myself afro-centric but I am proud of my hair, or more-so grateful for what I have.  I definitely don’t look down on anyone who chooses to relax or color their hair.  I wonder if I’ve trained myself to assume that everyone admires my hair as much as I do.  Even my friend was shocked that the girl complimented her relaxed, dyed hair over my natural curls.  But it goes to show you that not everyone really cares about natural, relaxed, dyed, braided, weaved, etc.  Sometimes hair just looks good and that’s that.  And I’m all for giving credit where credit is due.

I remember when I was younger and I just started getting my hair relaxed.  You couldn’t tell me nothing!  My hair was blowing in the wind, swinging from side to side and reached way down my back.  I remember my family actually feeling as though they had to “put me down” or “humble me” a few times because I was feeling my new hairdo a little too much.  I wonder if that’s the case here as well.  Of course, I could be reading in to the situation more than necessary.  In reality, she looked in our direction and complimented someones hair, it could be completely innocent that I thought it was me.

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