First Length Check of 2015 1

In the last year of my 3G3Y journey, I’m going to try and do better regarding providing length checks, but I must admit I intentionally say little about my hair growth because I feel I am not seeing the progress I thought I would.  The last time I did a length check it was reaching somewhere around the 9 or 10 mark on my home made length check shirt.

This time around, my hair showed some growth, after one year and no trims.  My hair was barely hitting the 11 inch mark this time around, which means after a year with no trims, my hair has grown an inch.  I used to think my hair grew fast, but now I see my hair actually grows extremely slow.

length check 1:19:15

I think out of all of my goals, this will be the only one that I don’t reach.  And that’s fine!  This is the one goal that I was really just doing to see if I could do it.  There’s also the possibility that my shirt isn’t positioned the same every time I wear it.   Fortunately I have no emotional connection to the idea of growing my hair out.  If I really want to have long hair down my back I’ll do like the Kardashian’s and get extensions.

I’ll continue to do these length checks, but whether or not I make it to waist length, at this point I’m going into maintenance mode with my hair.  I’ll continue to wear my two strand twists like I normally do and straighten every now and then for length checks.  Other than that, if my hair grows, it grows.

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