Definitely Purchasing Avid Media Composer 7 Soon!

I’ve edited on many systems, but if I’m going to take editing seriously and do it on a more regular basis, I want to stick with Avid Media Composer.  I honestly love this system in comparison to a lot of the others I’ve used.  I have been trying to purchase this system for a while now, but wow it is expensive!

The current version out, Media Composer 6.5, is a whomping $2300!  So clearly, this is a big expense in my world.

The best news I’ve gotten is Avid is releasing a new version: Media Composer 7, and it’s only $999!  The better news, Avid offers an academic discount for students currently enrolled in an accredited school, bringing down the cost to somewhere only $300.  This is great because I’ll be taking an accounting course this summer so I should qualify for the discount.  That puts the editing platform in much better reach!

I’m glad I didn’t rush, redo my budget and purchase Media Composer 6.5 earlier this year like I wanted to because I would have been really mad knowing if I had waited a couple of months I could have gotten a newer version for a lesser price.

A blessing in disguise indeed!  Are any of you video editors out there planning on trying out Avid Media Composer 7?

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