Are You a Product Junkie? 2

Urban Dictionary Definition: Person (usually of the female gender) with low self-esteem and a credit card, usually having more beauty products than the local drug store.

Junkie definition in general: a person with an insatiable craving for something; an enthusiastic follower; devotee

The urban dictionary definition scares me, and I have to say I totally disagree.  I don’t think product junkies necessarily have low self esteem, but I have to agree with the part about having more products than a local drug store.

If you’re a new natural, you, like I, probably went through a phase where you were all about your hair.  I watched countless youtube videos, read product reviews on hair forums and hair blogs and did any research I possibly could to find the perfect products out there.  The problem is, there are so many great products catering to natural hair so people end up buying all of them to “test them out.”  I went through the phase where I had to test out every product that had 4+ stars on Amazon because my hair was worth only the best (or so I told myself to justify the frivolous spending.)

Man am I happy I got through this phase.  I can proudly say I have only one shampoo, only one conditioner, only one styler and a leave in conditioner I make myself.  I’ve found what works for me and have no need to go out looking for something better because I’m seeing great  results.

Does your bathroom look like this…


…if so, you may need to rethink whether or not it’s worth it to continue spending money on every new product that comes out and focus only on the products that give you consistent results.

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