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So the results of my squat challenge in short…I bulked up!! Which is awesome because that was the goal! It definitely helped that I’ve been intentionally eating much more than normal; usually I eat until I’m comfortable, lately I’ve been eating until I’m full.

But now for an honesty hour, shall we?

I failed at the 30 day squat challenge…

I came up one day short. Not that I’m using this as an excuse, but I got sick on day 29 and come day 30, I was knocked out for the count. I even attempted to do the last 250 squats; successfully did 20 of them and then proceeded to fall asleep on the floor.

Shame, shame, shame.

And if I can be completely honest…I also switched a rest day with a squat day at one point. That’s right, I was simply too stressed and tired to work out; I immediately came home form work and went to bed.

I say all this to say…I’m going to try again! But this time, I’m going to split squats and crunches to get closer to a full body workout. That means on day 1, rather than doing 50 squats, I’m going to do 25 squats (with a heavier weight) and 25 crunches.

I guess you could call it a semi-squat challenge.  But it will be another 30 day challenge.  I like the idea of forming short term steps to reach an ultimate goal; it makes the process seem easier and less daunting.

For now, check out my before and after picturess below to see the change made after my 30 29 day squat challenge!

Day 1 Front











Day 30 front



Day 1 Back











Day 30 back

*Saw no need to add side view pictures because there was no difference whatsoever.

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