This journey comes to an end 4

It was on February 28, 2013 when I decided I was going to make a change in my life no matter how much effort, time, or sacrifice it took.  In hopes of attaining accountability and providing inspiration, I started this blog with the goal of achieving 3 specific goals in […]

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1 Month and 2 Goals to Go! 1

Well hello all!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thought about endless things to be thankful about. I thought this might be a good chance to give a recap on why I’ve been such a flake and where I am with my last two goals before my 3-year […]


Natural Hair Growth Plan

I’ve been inspired…regarding my hair!  This is a semi big deal because most people that know me are aware that I despise spending a lot of energy on my hair.  I wish I could just wake up and have it look amazing and be clean and moisturized, but that’s not […]

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Phase 2: Production has begun

It’s funny how drastically my focus on each goal ebbs and flows.  I specifically remember putting tons of focus in my financial goal to pay off all of my debt ($70,111 to be exact) for the first year or so.  I was working so many jobs I couldn’t even keep […]