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1 Month and 2 Goals to Go! 1

1 Month and 2 Goals to Go

Well hello all!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thought about endless things to be thankful about. I thought this might be a good chance to give a recap on why I’ve been such a flake and where I am with my last two goals before my 3-year timeline is up on December …

Video describing exactly how I paid off all my debt!

paid off all my debt!

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  As promised, I wanted to share the link to the video where I describe the exact steps I took to get out of debt in less than 3 years, successfully reaching my financial goal. Check out the YouTube video here, and be sure to subscribe to the …

Today, the first of my 3 goals will be achieved 7

3 goals will be achieved 7

Hello friends, Today is a big day in the life of Samantha and a big day for this blog in general! After 2 years, 7 months, and 8 days (calculating from when I started this blog on March 1, 2013) I’ve finally paid off all of my debt! A whomping $70,111 in credit cards, car …

4 Things You Need to Learn to Do With Your Money #genW

Do With Your Money

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Car Accidents, Missed Buses, and Exploding Microwaves 2

Car Accidents

I’ve had an interesting week!   I dealt with a series of unfortunate events, large and minor (one day I got a fortune cookie with no fortune in it; this equates to the minor.)  In the interest of being a more optimistic person, I’m going to take this opportunity to look at the bright side and not …

Natural Hair Growth Plan

Natural Hair Growth

I’ve been inspired…regarding my hair!  This is a semi big deal because most people that know me are aware that I despise spending a lot of energy on my hair.  I wish I could just wake up and have it look amazing and be clean and moisturized, but that’s not my reality.  I spend the …

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